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premium buildable minifig display

I've been looking for a worthy display case for my minifigs, and whilst the current Lego brand displays are pretty awesome, they would also look a bit garish in my drawing room.

For those that also have a more minimalist, victorian style living enviroment I give you this; the fully wall mountable, self built classy black shiny minifig display case.

Each case would have space for 16 minifigs (so a full set of the collectable series) and features a more classic, understated design. Each minifig enclosure includes a transparent hinged door for easy access, should you need a certain minifig for your latest brickfilm or bricktography projects.

As they are created from standard Lego bricks, the display case would be infinitely
customisable to either add minifig pods, or other flourishes to suit individual display needs.

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