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Guards and Rogues

Intro and Storytelling:
Basically Guards and Rogues set is a law enforcement in fantasy setting with a lot of small scenery pieces and play ability additions which allows to a lot of the storytelling like catch a rogue, second one tries to free first one, troubles with a cursed blade or a rodent eating vegetables, werewolf rampaging in a town swinging with the lamp, rogues playing hide and seek with guards, false alerts, rogues breaking into a contraband storeroom, guards raiding rogues camp and others.

Idea Origin:
The set idea is combined from a few of my unfinished works (vegetables, a stall and small cart running gag, guards design with not so knightly helmets, crimson hooded rogue minifigure with a goblin dog, studs not on top wall technique using brick number 32739, fantasy themed wanted posters) and complaints at other sets that they haven't got 360° walls.

Building walls texture is based on limestone buildings, including medieval university, partially made from limestone with exposed ammonoids and flint nodes in its walls. In idea model it uses ammonite printed part and metallic black bricks as flint stones (although it is an outdated color, but best matching).

Set is build from around 1500 parts and contains:
Guard's station:
  • The tower with a movable bell, a prison and a stable.
  • A removable big ugly rock piece pinned to the stable's back, with a tree and a wanted croissant mistook as a monster.
  • Stairs and the room with contraband or lost and found items like a cursed blade, a mysterious egg, a dwarven smiting book, a crimson hooded rogue mini minifigure and others. Contraband room can be accessed from stations ground floor room or secret door at the back of the station.
  • Ground floor room with guards armory, wanted board, indoor windows shutters and a plant.
  • Removable 1st floor room (in two parts) with an office, a bed and a prison key.

Scenery and storytelling features:
  • Mini stall as an excuse to add the cart for classic catch gag and few part recolors to add new vegetables into Lego bricks. Vegetables in stall: tan jewels as garlic, red and dark green, heavy and light curved small horns as chili and jalapeño, salad from existing green head and hairs.
  • Small cart for a minifigure, with possibility to stack 3x4 containers on it.
  • Three containers with vegetables (White carrot brick as parsley roots, brick build eggplants and brick build beetroots).
  • Open able haystack, where rogue minifigure could hide or search for a needle.
  • Horse cart with possibility to transport haystack or containers.
  • Hand pump with movable force rod.
  • Trough.
  • Second town lantern, as having only one in the set doesn't look too good.
  • Rogues mini camp with: A small tree, three bricks bonfire, two sleeping bags and a container with rogue's gear (two smoke bombs, two lock picks and a crowbar).
  • Table and two chairs to play cards for the guards during a duty.
  • Bonus transparent-clear parts to add an option for lamps to be build as on or off.

  • Three guards: an older human with a bandaged leg, a younger human and a dwarf.
  • Two rogues: Crimson Hood girl with two daggers, wolfman - white furred, to mask on the guard's station wall and carrying scrub leafs (They can be put into the small tree from the camp) as an additional camouflage tool.
  • One civilian: old gnome lady - vegetables seller.
  • Animals: A horse, a rodent, a goblin dog and a chameleon brick.

Design notes:
  • Set is designed and rendered using with few imported bricks (Horse and dog) from LDraw library.
  • Custom prints and decals I created using Gimp, and FontForge.
  • Teeth for the goblin dog design is here, as's Part Designer doesn't support putting it on not flat surface. For the story it is a dumb but loyal comedy animal companion.

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