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Backyard Rocket


"Mission Control, do we have enough fuel to reach Jupiter?"
"Yes. But you need to be back by 6pm. Mom's making lasagne for dinner."

Planets. Stars. Rockets. Spaceships. This project is a tribute to the vivid imagination of kids everywhere who dream of travelling through space and exploring the universe...all from the backyard!

Basic Info
Rocket approximate dimensions: 22.5 cm (high) x 14.0 cm (wide)
Rocket number of pieces: 298
Project number of pieces: 434

Model Description
This project was created using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), and comprises of a main rocket build, a mission control, as well as a tree. Unlike a real space rocket, this rocket was designed specifically to look like something built (with the help of adults of course) for play in a backyard. Some key features include:

  • Large, hexagonal fuselage with removable top section
  • Circular hatch reachable by wooden ladder (note the sign “Warning: No Adults”)
  • Hand-drawn map of the solar system, controls, displays, and flashlight
  • Windows and vents

Mission control is set up next to Bruce's doghouse. Mission personnel and space travellers communicate via walkie-talkies, perhaps in between sips of slurpies. There's also a toolbox and a toy replica of the rocket beside the doghouse. Lastly, a medium-sized tree, with cats and a bird looking on, completes the scene.

This project includes four kids minifigures with custom torso designs, as well as various accessories such as walkie-talkies, slurpies, and a skateboard.

Comments, questions, and constructive feedback of this project is greatly appreciated!

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