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Gold Golem Scuffle

This is a classic entry way into a temple containing two minifigures, each one with sword and one with a glass bottle, and one big minifigure built out of Legos, wielding a giant weapon. The reason that I built this set is that I've barely seen any Lego sets at all with a dangerous opening to a temple of doom, so I decided to build one. The reason that I believe that this would make a great set is the reason that it has space for the characters, it has no roof so you can move the minifigures into the small room, there are play features (A door that slides up to reveal a room with a stash of gold coins, two large pillars at the front that can topple over, and the two bases at the front of the set can be moved around), the arms of the big minifigure can move around to different positions, and one minifigure comes with an additional fez that you can put on and take off.

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