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Lego Arwing From Star Fox Assault


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My name is Denlim Wolf, and this is my interpretation of the Arwing from Star Fox Assault. This MOC is a minifig-scaled Arwing with emphasize to detail, based off of 3D renders from in-game models and concept art.
I decided to build this after realizing that there are no MOC’s of this build readily available to add to my Lego collection. So, what started as a simple idea has culminated into a nine-month passion project, where I learned how to use and test my wits on how to transform an in-game model into a real life model. Although many aspects of the in-game model of the Arwing are ambiguous, I have taken some artistic liberty to best showcase how a modern-starship fighter would be built in today's Lego building pallet.
This Arwing Lego MOC comes with adjustable G-Diffusers (the blue fuselages that can actuate forward and aft), adjustable wings (can be augmented forward and aft as well as their pitch, as depicted in game), adjustable speed brakes (as seen in game when braking), and adjustable laser blaster cannons. This set comes with a stand to hold the MOC when displayed.
I think this set would make a great piece for any Star Fox fan, any Nintendo Fan, and any sci-fi and starship enthusiasts. I hope you consider supporting this. Cheers!
Now here is some background information regarding the Arwing, the most advanced fighter starship to ever exist!
The Arwing, developed by Space Dynamics Co. LTD under an exclusive contract to the Cornerian Military, is a starfighter designed and manufactured to be the most powerful air and space fighter in the galaxy. Built with an avian-esque design, multiple advanced propulsion systems such as the NTD-FX1 Hydrogen-powered plasma engine and the state-of-the-art G-diffuser systems, an on-board holographic imaging system (HUD), and most importantly, a robust airframe capable of withstanding high G's maneuvers, the Arwing boasts superior atmospheric and space flight capabilities in combat, superseded by none. 
The Arwing's wings can actuate forward and aft automatically for high-speed cruising and increased maneuverability to best suite outer space and interplanetary environments. The Arwing's weaponry consisting of four T&B-H1 laser cannons and a Smart Bomb launcher with built in lock-on homing targeting systems represents the cutting edge in Cornerian Military technology, giving this formidable fighter the equivalent firepower of a front-line space cruiser, allowing the Arwing to take on multiple enemy targets simultaneously. The Arwing's revolutionary G-diffuser system generates a force field that protects the ship from enemy fire and from the stresses of high-speed aerobatics. 
Because of the complexity of its components, most notably the G-diffuser system, the Arwing was not yet slated for full production. At the time of the Androssian invasion of the Lylat System (the events that occur in Star Fox Assault), four initial prototypes were made available and ready for the mercenary team Star Fox for flight and combat testing. Regardless of its production and prototype phase, this Arwing was the most advanced ship of its time, years ahead of any other fighter in the Lylat system.

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