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Modular LUDO

Another classic board game (LEGO should really make a new line of products: LEGO Classic board games).
We all know a 4-player version game. Few years back I made this modular version which allows different number of players - from 2 to 13 (there were 13 different colors for cones and tiles). Now it is possible that there are more colors available.
I haven't played the 13-player version yet - just can't find enough players.
2-player game is very nice - it ends quickly because it is very short. Even younger kids love it and don't get bored.

I was thinking of this:
- LEGO would make a starter set (for example red and blue)+die (maybe LEGO could include a new rubber die and a classic wooden die).
- LEGO would make another sets for extending the starter set - each with a different set number and a different color in it (with a die - because someone would rather buy (for example) yellow and green version instead of a starter set).

There are different games in such a way (starter set+expansions) on the market so I really see no problems with this. Even LEGO has (at least) one:

- 2257 Ninjago Starter set (with two spinners)
- sets 2111, 2112, 2114, 2115, 2116, 2170, 2171, 2172, 2173 additional spinners

Images here show one real thing and some made in CAD.
More images are here:

It is possible to make this game with a different approach. Each playing field would be a separate 4x4 plate with 2x2 tiles on top which would connect to another. In this way layout could be as anyone would want.

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