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Wasteland Courier Truck

This is a custom truck set in an apocalypse meant for moving quickly and defending itself from bandits. Intended to move mail and other small cargo with minimum confrontation. This truck balances form and function with a unique and sophisticated look while not compromising on strength, durability, or firepower. With a dust color palette it blends in to the wastes while standing out from the crowd. Features a hood mounted belt-fed minigun and a rear cannon.

I am fascinated with the apocalypse, and the implications of governmental collapse. How would people live? How would new societies and governments form? Would they? I think soon enough there would be a need for postage, and if everyone is fighting each other in an apocalypse, I doubt the mailmen would be exempt, and would need protection.

This would make a great LEGO set because it looks good on display, and it has a lot of playability. The maneuverable turrets and the roof hatch make play easier and more fun, while not sacrificing the look of the vehicle.

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