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Archax-Boarding Robots

Have you ever heard of "Archax"? It is a passenger-controlled robot created by Tsubame Industries, Inc. Fiction? No, I'm talking about the real world.
Completed in 2023, it carried a person, transformed itself, and drove across the load, fascinating science fiction fans around the world.
This time, I created "Archex" filled with such dreams and hopes with LEGO bricks.

Transformation: Robot mode ⇄ Vehicle mode
By unfolding the front legs and folding the arms, it transforms into a vehicle mode specialized for running.
Adjustment is possible in stages by using joint parts.

Cockpit deployment
Cockpit for minifigures to get in and out.
Two cockpit hatch operating parts are provided,
The hatch can be smoothly deployed.
You can put your favorite minifigures on the robot.

Each joint can be operated.
All joints are movable, including the face, shoulders, elbows, waist, and fingers.

"Archax"has realized the best dream of "a person riding on a robot”.
Many people cannot build a real robot, but with the LEGO set, it is possible.
The collaboration between LEGO and "Archax" will excite children and adults alike as they shape their imaginations and dreams with their own hands.

If you are interested in building "Archax" with your own hands, 
Please support and comment to make it a reality.

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