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Give new life to your city


Let’s admit it. Many things may be passing, but music is for life. That’s why every Lego City must deserves a big stage for its new (and old) artists. Come play with your band or just spend some quality time listening to good music at Lego Concert Stage, the ultimate structure equipped with everything you need for a truly unforgettable performance! 

Whether you’re a dj or a singer, a pianist or just a natural showman, the Lego Concert Stage is waiting for you.

Enjoy the full power of the sound system while projecting your images or video on the big ledwall in the background.  Let the colored lights turn on the Lego City nights and dance till dawn with the crowd. And if nobody shows up, you can at least say “I tried!”.

This Lego Concert Stage was especially built for a band stop motion video: that’s why the background of the stage can be used as a ledwall or just to hold the cover of a CD, your CD!

So what are you waiting for? Support my project and bring a new groove to your Lego City: turn up the volume and let the show begin!

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