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Eolia - The Floating City

Welcome to the fabulous floating city of EOLIA

A few hundred of years ago, a gigantic cataclysm shook the earth. Watching the tide lowering and the tsunami approaching, the sorcerers of the king's court of Eolia, a coastal city, used all their might to lift the city and its bedrock up into the air.

Decades later, the Eolians adapted to their new life, and developped a thriving agriculture, and a rich cultural life. Eolian mages developped new technologies which allowed the commercial exchanges with the rest of the world via airships, and it's now not un uncommon sight to see the giant rock of Eolia floating in the sky up above your head.

This highy detailed microscale model features an entire ecosystem, complete with:
  • a thriving city, with an university, a forest and public parks
  • an entire agricultural district, complete with wind and watermills, a granary and a dock for commerce,
  • the beautiful and gigantic Eolian King's Castle, under which was carved in the rock the Hangar that houses the Royal Flying Yacht
  • An entire Warterway, flowing from the castle, through the city, down into the hangar and then down to the sea.
  • The lower dwellings. When the plateau was entirely built and no estate was available to house the new inhabitants, people took to colonize the bedrock of the island. Definitely not for those subject to vertigo.

*DISCLAIMER* I've always been fascinated by the idea of fantastic dwellings, chief amongst those being the floating islands. So it was only natural for me to try submit it this way.
I know that floating islands were often submitted to lego ideas, and every one of those I saw were excellent. So here is mine. I hope you'll like it.

*DISCLAIMER 2* I beg you to excuse my possibly lackluster english

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