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LEGO City Electric Truck

1. What is it?
It's an electric truck with a platform. Compatible with minifigures. It is suitable for LEGO CITY.

2. Why did you build it? 
I built this model because I wanted to do something original. I was inspired by his attitude that when I left school, Christmas decorations started in our village and the decoration was hung by two gentlemen with the electrician truck in the picture, the truck was my inspiration! I also built it because I once wanted to be an electrician with such a car.

3. Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set? 
Now I'm 16 and when I come to my cousin's nursery, he always asks me if I'll build him A crane / excavator / truck electrician. I also noticed that other children want something that can be manipulated. That's why I think it will be a great set! I've seen a lot of electric cars in LEGO CITY, but they seem kind of boring to me because they don't have a long enough arm. I believe this is a good set for the kids. I believe that my construction will make an excellent LEGO set.

4. What would the set contain:
  • Car
  • Two figures
  • Two gates
  • Electric mast

Thank you for watching my work.

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