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Tia Dalma's shack - Pirates of the Caribbean

And here is this representative set of the Tia Dalma's shack,of the second chapter of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean.

For those people like me who love this saga, maybe will find this set so different interesting.

In particular, this set is made up of just over 2000 pieces, which include the house, the black forest outline and the two minifigures of Jack Sparrow and Tia Dalma.

To make the game experience more interesting, the roof can be opened in several parts, you can pull it up or down as you please.
The interior of the house is complete with strange objects, including animal candles and so on, which can be moved as you like.

the base of the house is supported by two large trunks covered with vegetation, which suspend it at the top

If you like this set an love this wonderful saga,
and you would like to see it inside your house, help me with your support!
Thanks a lot to everyone!

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