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Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches

The stories of Dr. Seuss are an essential part of any childhood. Whether listing the inhabitants of a fictional zoo, describing the antics of a fanciful cat with infamous headgear, or cultivating images of all the places you'll go, Seuss's works inspire imagination from a young age. At the same time, they offer a glimpse into the real, adult world for young readers: the titular character's dictatorial leadership in "Yertle the Turtle", an arms race between the Yooks and Zooks in "The Butter Battle Book," and the discriminatory behavior of "The Sneetches."

It's the last example which I've recreated in Lego form. Sneetches rushing from one machine to the next, first having stars added, then removed. All of this in an effort to be a part of the elite it-crowd, while Professor Sylvester McMonkey McBean profits amid the chaos.

The model includes both the Star-On and Star-Off machines, Professor McBean, and plenty of Sneetches. I've tried to capture the curves typical of Seuss's illustrations in brick form, as well as all the machinations, piping, and vents coming off of the machines. The Sneetches themselves are a simple studs-out design based around the torso that makes them quite posable and easy to customize. Think about a user of this set customizing a Sneetch as their very own using parts from their colleciton.

This idea is the perfect candidate for the Lego Ideas program. It appeals to younger kids, giving them a toy with which to reenact the story. It also introduces an added level of creativity to the established tale.

  • What if a machine gave the Sneetches antennae instead? Or extra legs?
  • Can you build a third machine from your own collection of bricks?
  • Can the Star-On and Star Off machines be rebuilt even better?
  • Can the process be motorized?

This set opens up the door for younger children, allowing them to explore and imagine. It would also be one of very few toys covering a Seuss classic.

For adults, this would be a great display model. As this creation has made rounds at conventions and displays, older individuals have been transported back to their childhood, excited to see something so iconic presented in Lego form. This excitement would make this a wonderful choice for display around the house, similar to other great Ideas sets like Adventure Time, Big Bang Theory, and Wall-E.

The fact that this set can fulfill both the play and display aspects of Ideas set design makes it a strong candidate in my opinion. If you feel the same way, I would appreciate your support in making Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches come alive in Lego.

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