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Paralympic Sport


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Celebrate sporting achievement and overcoming adversity by supporting Paralympic Sport.

Every four years, the Paralympic Games take place after the Olympics. These games are a celebration of athletic prowess, much like the Olympics, but Paralympians all have some form of disability. Started as a competition between war veterans, the Paralympics have grown to become one of the largest sporting events of the 21st century.

This set contains five athletes: a wheelchair racer, a T44 relay runner, an S6 swimmer, a visually impaired footballer and a sitting volleyball player. The people are in non-specific uniforms so that they could represent any country or team. Additional sports could be added, or current sports replaced.

This set could teach children about the Paralympics and help to increase support for such an under supported area of sport.

I have seen attempts to bring disability into Lego all over Lego Ideas, but Lego still hasn't made it happen, so let's try.

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