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Tardis Minifig Display Cabinet


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Tardis Minifig Display Cabinet   

*Blank minifigs used for storage space example

Where better to display all your Doctor Who minifigs than inside a Tardis Minifig Display Case. When fully closed you get the Tardis in all its glory hiding all the secret storage space inside but when opened there is room for 36 minifigs inside with space at the top for 3 extra small minifigs like a Lego K9.

This is a must for all doctor who fans that want to have a display piece that also serves a function of keeping their favourite minifigs safe. 

The Tardis is hinged at the bottom base and at the top section keeping it sturdy when opened and fully closes leaving no gap.

The outside details listed below would come as stickers to add once built and complete the Tardis effect

  • Tardis window sticker x 8
  • Tardis door handle sticker x 1
  • Tardis door lock sticker x 1
  • Tardis door sign sticker x 1
  • Tardis round door sticker x 1
  • Tardis police public call box sticker x 4

I hope you all like my latest build all feedback is welcome




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