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Nokia 3310 - Legendary Mobile Phone

What is it?
Hello community! I've recently built this project. It is a detailed model of real mobile phone 'Nokia 3310' with box and charger. My creation on the same scale as real prototype. It is comprised 3 parts.
Mobile phone
It has got some features, as in the real phone:
  • simple design, shapes
  • color
  • silver shining buttons
  • small screen
  • removable cover, under which phone internal structure, including motherboard, contacts, inter-board cables
It is a box made of cardboard, wherein supplied mobile phone. There is an opening lid. There are two colors: blue and white. Blue color on opening lid and on side parts of the box. An image of a real phone is printed on the lid with the logo of company 'Nokia'.
It looks weird today, but then, you should have this massive object to charge your phone. By the one end it has got charging plug, by the second end there is a power plug. I like this part most in my creation.
Why did I build it?
Unfortunately, I didn't find this era of reliable and lasting phones. But around 2 years ago I've known about this model from memes and videos, where have shown incredible durable of this thing. I was so excited and decided to recreate a mobile phone from Lego bricks. As you can see, I did it!
Why do I believe this would a great Lego set?
I think that there are many fans, who have used this phone and remind it with nostalgia. Anyway, the idea is unusual and creative, so I hope you'll like this.

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