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Old Wizard Hut



     Hello everybody and welcome to my latest project! I like building medieval objects because it is one of my favorite auras in history. I wanted to make something magical, so I created this old wizard hut. I did my best to put as many designs around the wizard hut as possible.

  1.    Like to place your Lego items on your shelf? This set is just for you! Do you like to play with your Lego sets? This set is kid friendly and has many unique designs!
  2.      This set includes all sort of items including a magical globe, a telescope, a ladder to get to higher places, a shelf for holding items to enchant with; an anvil to create the shape of the sword, and a magical cauldron to create the enchantment.
  3.      The shelf also has an assortment of items including: a magic book, a green vine, an eyeball (yuck), a tooth, and a couple crystals (see in the picture for more details).
  4.      Are you feeling adventurous? Go outside to the magical outdoors and discover the secret writings on the back of the wall. Go pick the apple of the magical plant, collect the giant spider off the spider web, and catch the slippery frog!
  5. Thank you for visiting this magic page and on your way out please support this project! Thank you for reading!
     ( PS: The shelf can rotate a 90 degrees counter-clockwise). 

Lego Story:

     Once upon a time in a faraway magical kingdom lived an old wizard named Sebastian. Sebastian lives on a plot of land with his little old hut. But one day, a messenger of the king came to him with a letter, asking for help. The king wanted an enchanted sword built by the most skilled wizard. Will Sebastian be able to create such a delicacy?

     Help Sebastian take the items of the shelf and find the items outside to create a magical enchantment for the king! Place the items in the cauldron and create the magic!  



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