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Aggretsuko - The Accounting Office


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Based off the hit Sanrio character and Netflix series, Aggretsuko is a Japanese animated musical-comedy about a Red Panda named Retsuko working as an accountant at a Japanese trading firm. Every day she faces constant frustration from pushy superiors and annoying co-workers. As a way to cope with those and other problems, she resorts to singing Death Metal karaoke!

My set is based off one of the iconic settings of the series: Retsuko's workspace in the Accounting office. I tried to capture as much detail and color from the setting as I could. I examined multiple frames of the show showing off different angles of Retsuko's workspace and the surrounding area to make sure I could capture everything possible. The area features 4 desks w/ chairs (including Retsuko and her closest co-workers Fenneko and Haida's desks) with computers w/ keyboards, paperwork/letters, and various desk trinkets. Included along the back wall of the model are background details such as a shelving unit, two photocopiers, and paper on the wall.

Also included with my set are 3 minifigures based off characters from the show! (All are still a work in progress):

  • Retsuko  - The main character from the show as described above. Her accessories include an extra head with her rage face, a laptop, and a mic for Death Metal karaoke sessions!
  • Fenneko - Retsuko's Fennec Fox co-worker and closest friend in the office. Due to being highly perceptive and insightful, she is able to deduce anyone's mental state through observing their habits and social media profiles. Accessories include a phone for social media sleuthing!
  • Haida - Retsuko's Spotted Hyena co-worker who develops a crush on her after a five year friendship. He is also seen hanging with Retsuko and/or Fenneko in and out of the workplace. His accessory includes a can of coffee (a very popular beverage in Japan!) 

Aggretsuko is hands down one of my favorite shows currently airing. With two seasons already streaming and a third one coming next year, I am definitely not alone in loving this show. I, and hopefully many other Aggretsuko fans, would love to see part of the series and characters as an official LEGO set. Thanks for viewing and reading about my project. I hope you consider supporting! 

\m/ Rock on! \m/

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