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New Girl - Apartment 4D

Lyrics from the theme song: "Hey girl, watcha doing? Hey girl, where you going? who's that girl? who's that girl? it's Jess!"

Hi everyone, this is my idea for Apartment 4D where the main characters of the US TV show "New Girl" lived. The focus of the build is in the common living area, dining area and kitchen with the details taken from the TV set and replicated as close as possible using LEGO pieces. The set includes the main characters Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Cece, Aly and Coach. The whole area is very accessible so you can recreate the scenes from our favorite TV show like Jess' first day at the apartment, or Nick's famous "gave me cookie, got you cookie" line, or when they played their game where there's one main rule: "the floor is lava!". Your only limit is your imagination!

I created this set because I really liked the TV show. I think this is will be a really good set to have as a memento of a great TV show. I do hope you support this Ideas set!

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