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Modern Formula 1 Racecar

This is a standard 1:12 scale 2020 Formula 1 racecar.

I am a big fan of Formula 1 and I love how far the sport has come, especially in difficult times like these. Having also grown up with a passion for Lego, I was determined to keep my spirits up during lockdown, and was able to keep my creativity going with this amazing model. 

With just under 1000 bricks and pieces, this car has a beautiful black and navy blue finish, primarily chosen to stand out, yet so subtle. Featuring many hidden gems, the model houses a V6 turbo-hybrid engine, a working DRS flap on the rear wing, and fully functional steering. Not only that, but the suspension works like a charm! I've worked months trying to figure out how to make this model as accurately as possible, and I think now it has reached it's prime. The front wing is a simple yet clever design, as well as the sturdy underfloor, and the front of the car follows the narrow nose concept adopted by most teams over the past two seasons.

Formula 1 is on a wild resurgence, with teams becoming more competitive than ever, epically close battles in the fight for the championship, and a completely brand new generation of cars right round the corner. This model would make a truly amazing set, not only for F1 fans or Lego designers, but for anyone who loves to boost their creativity, keeping the fun and passion going. There is no doubt that people would love to construct this beautiful piece of machinery.

Total number of pieces: 995
Dimensions (cm): 45.2 x 17.3 x 10.5

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