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Goblin King's Hideout


What is it?

The project is a castle shown from inside. I've created two types of panels (16x16 for rooms and 8x16 for gangways). They are all the same, so it is possible to change the locations of the rooms. Because of the panels I could focus on the interior and create bigger rooms than usual lego buildings have. It is worth noting that this projekt is rather designed for display, not for play. There are no action features, but a lot of places to put the minifigures on.

The minifigures of the king with his armour and the general with his armour are not actual minifigures, they're on the photos just to show how the king and the general with their armour look like (the armour is included in the project). 

Why might this project be a good lego set?

I am a fan of fantasy and I think lego should have their own fantasy theme or set. This set might be a start for a new theme, although it is worth noting that this is not for very young people. The lack of action features might be a reason for a young customer not to buy that kind of set. But for a person that is buying lego not because he/she wants to play with it, but wants to display the set, this set is going to be good. I've tried to create really interesting minifigures, although LDD has only one face, that fits to a goblin. The minifigures are shown on the photos.

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