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Lego Harmonica

In these time of confinement, I began to play a instrument that I had at home : Harmonica. But after a few time to play, it is evident that I am not a very good musician !
So, fan of brick, I think that it could be fun to realise this instrument in Lego. I take my computer and begin to make it on Studio 2.0.
Pretty proud of the result, I post it here.

The Harmonica is make with 93 pieces and the box with 252. The plates pieces give a more realistic aspect and reproduce the shape of the real Harmonica. The size are the real one, so you can play with it, but it's more complex !

It make a good lego set for decoration, with it little size and his realism.

Project Name: Lego Harmonica
Total Parts: 345

PS: Sorry if my english is not good, I'm French ;-)

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