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Mouth of Truth

The Mouth of Truth is a worldwide-famous enormous marble mask and it is one of the most famous symbols of Rome (capital of Italy).
The name Mouth of Truth originates in 1485 and is linked to a curious and fascinating medieval legend, according to which the mouth could bite the hand of anyone who lied.

The film Roman Holiday by William Wyler, with the unforgettable protagonists Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, consecrated the Mouth of Truth to undisputed fame: it was 1953 and since then the legendary mask has entered the world tourist imagination.

I am an art lover and I would like to propose a modern interpretation of the set.
The angel wrote “liar” on his chest while the devil “honest”. We live in a society where people who always tell the truth are considerated bad, while who never say what they really think to pleasure others is good. In fact, the little angel doesn’t have a right hand because the mouth of truth has bitten it.

The build is made up of 735 total pieces and includes 2 minifigures (an angel and a devil). BrickLink Studio 2.0 was used for the build and the renders. Thank you for reading my description and looking at my build. This was my first attempt at a build that I was going to submit to LEGO Ideas.

Thank you so much for your support! :)

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