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This Lego bat is mostly made of common flat pieces and nearly no special parts are needed to give it a good and natural look.

I've built this bat about two months ago and I liked it very much and when I found this website I wanted to send in my Lego bat.

Why have I built this?

I like to build Lego animals made out of normal parts and I had the idea to build a bat because we have some bats in our garden that fly around on summer nights.

Why should this Lego bat be a buyable product?

I really like the big Lego sortiments but I miss the original Lego parts in the products. There are dinosaurs, horses, cows, sheep and whatever but they are all just new Lego parts and you can only use them for a dinosaur or a horse. That's why I like to build this kind of Lego things and I hope that there will be more of them in a few years.

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