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Mobile Satellite Launcher


Hello everyone. My name is Cristiano, I am Italian, I am 45 years old and I'm a AFOL since always. I am a fan of the series Technic, Classic Space, Futuron, Mtron, Unitron, Blacktron I, Ice Planet 2002.

I build mocs of all those series, but the one I prefer is the series Mtron, which I have a diorama of about 1, 60 x 4 meters, constantly updated. The diorama has been built around a monorail. The monorail is made with materials sourced from set 6990, 6991 and 6399. I have three trains, two with two cars and one with four cars.

What I present here is a Mobile Satellite Launcher: this is one of my first MOC Mtron of small to medium size. It is in fact constituted by 558 elements. The project was carried out with LDD and it is not a purely theoretical object: it exists and has already been exhibited in several events.

There is a report relating to it in my website

I hope you enjoy.

Bye to everyone and may the brick with you.

Number of pieces: 558
Number minifigs: 4
Items: Tractor with Base, launch pad, missile with a satellite.
Base tractor with 8 transparent doors of various shapes which open all, laboratory set up three radar units revolving and retractable,
Launch Pad: supports missile with a pantograph movement, front and rear wheels against steering driven by the drawbar.

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