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Apis Mellifera - The Honey Bee

I'd been wanting to build a detailed Lego bee since a nest formed in our chimney last year. We did work with some experts to see if the colony be moved to our garden, but sadly, it wasn't feasible, and over the autumn, the nest died out. We tried to make sure we kept windows open, and put little spoons of sugar water around window ledges, but sadly it wasn't to be.

I'm not 100% on the wings, and suspect a solution using a printed transparent plastic sheet supported by some technic rigging might be better, but I'm happy enough to submit it anyway.

I would like to think that a model like this could be used as part of a wider awareness campaign to help protect bees around the world, so fingers crossed. It's really important to highlight bees, given how they're suffering worldwide. They are an essential part of our ecosystem, so helping to maintain awareness is always worthwhile.

As usual, any and all support would be gratefully received, and comments are especially welcome. Exploring the projects of commenters has really opened my eyes to the breadth of creativity across the community.

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