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This is my version of Virgin Galactic's suborbital spaceflight vehicle, which comprises of 1) the mother ship and launch platform WhiteKnightTwo, and 2) the detachable tourism spacecraft SpaceShipTwo. The model is made up of approximately 590 LEGO pieces in total.

The mother ship WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) is a large fixed-wing aircraft with two hulls linked together by a central wing. Its function is to carry the SpaceShipTwo to launch altitude. According to Virgin Galactic's official website, it is the largest all carbon composite aviation vehicle ever built (Wingspan 43m, Length 24m). WK2 is powered by 4 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308 turbine engines.

The suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo (SS2) is an air-launched glider with a rocket motor, designed for space tourism. It can carry a total of 6 passengers plus 2 crew. The SS2 is powered by a RockerMoterTwo liquid/solid hybrid rocket engine. The SS2 successfully completed its third powered test flight in January 2014.

My LEGO model was created using LEGO Digital Designer. Planned future updates to this model include improved landing gear, as well as accessible minifig cockpit for the WK2 and cockpit/cabin for the SS2. More pictures to come.

Thank you for viewing! Your support and constructive feedback of this model is greatly appreciated.

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