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Inspiration4 - A New Era For Human Spaceflight And Exploration

‘Inspiration4 marked the world’s first all-civilian mission to orbit’.

Not just a statement of ‘Inspiration’ to the Aerospace industry representing a new era for human spaceflight and exploration, but the crew rose awareness and over $240 million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

This model gives you just a slice of what this mission stood for, so you can have a piece of history with you to remember, or to provide the spark of inspiration to the younger generation.  Here, I have created the main capsule, crew of four and included some play features with Easter eggs to recreate your favourite moments!

Before breaking down the build here’s a quick list of the crew and what they represent:
Jared Isaacman - Leadership
Hayley Arceneaux - Hope
Chris Sembroski - Generosity
Dr. Sian Proctor - Prosperity

The crew were based in a modified Dragon spacecraft on top of the well known Falcon 9 rocket. While I could have created part of the rocket, I felt that the main focus should be on the crew and how they have, in a way, changed the world.

So, I built the top half of the capsule and scaled it up to 1:1 (minifigure scale). This let me add in the opening roof of the module to reveal a glass dome, include adjustable chairs and have enough space for minifigures to stand and pose in. 

When removing the roof, all 5 panels can be brought down to allow easy access to the interior for play. This model has an open front for an interesting display look, while the back is fully built and covered up.

The model can be displayed by itself or with the included stand. This stand will let you rotate the spacecraft to get the look you desire. It features dedicated places for all four minifigures and their personal items. (With a little bit of digging you’ll find their meaning!)

But what is that dog doing?
Well… This is actually the mission's mascot. A golden retriever in a space suit!

Why did I choose this?
I followed the mission from announcement to launch. But it was only when I watched a new documentary where I leant even more about the crew and what this mission meant to a lot of people. It wasn’t just about going into space. That’s when I decided we all could take something from it, and we should all have a piece of history in our homes!

This has been in progress since the start of the year and there are still some areas I will seek to improve. However, I hope you will join me on this mission to inspire even more people.

With your help by supporting and sharing this around. We, together can get this piece of history in our homes!

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