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Gardens of the Crystal Springs


 Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Gardens of the Crystal Springs!

 This model was fun to build, and it is one of my best models so far, I think.

 There are three towers, two gazebos, and a bridge. In one of the gazebos, there is a table. The top of the table rests on a glass dome. Here, the king and his counselors can lay out plans for new building projects in the kingdom, war strategies, or basically anything else that needs complete privacy when discussing.

 Underneath the bridge is a cave. Who or what lives inside? That's up to you.

 By the pond are six trees, foliage pieces, and a duck. The entire scene contains about 1,100 LEGO elements. Six minifigures bring the scene to life.

 Thanks for looking! Please check out my other projects. Brick on!

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