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Fantasy Great Ball Contraption (GBC)

I wanted to make a Great Ball Contraption that was the most beautiful design I could think of. It had to be kind of a modular design, fit for minifigures to live in. Many of the GBC's I saw online were all about the function, with sometimes decorations added on the side. But here I wanted the GBC to be all about the aesthetics. Of course still compliant with Great Ball Contraption rules.

The build uses a simple ball pump in the tallest tower, and then it rolls down through all corners and the middle building. It is also able to skip the ball pump by connecting the blue hoses directly to the middle black hose. If you aren't around friends with other GBC's it can also circulate on its own. For easy building, the middle part of the modular can be removed.

For the architecture design, I tried to make it Sandstone buildings with copper roofs, maybe with vines covering the sides. Kind of like Naboo from SW, but it has nothing to do with SW. The domes were originally mint green, but the color washed out in the render. I also wanted it to have a bit of the Aqueduct design from early Roman cities.
 Have fun!

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