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LEGO Kung Fu Panda Ping's Noodle Shop

About the project

   Hi there, thank you for stopping by and checking out this project. This is the LEGO Kung Fu Panda Ping's Noodle Shop. This build feature the famous noodle shop as we seen in the movie. I grew up watching Kung Fu Panda and I built this set because I think it would make a great set.

   It has an awesome play feature to launch your panda on his journey to learn kung fu. The set also has the ability to connect to your modular buildings city to expand your world! I had fun building this set, I love the Asian roof texture that I was able to achieve and also the open wall to allow users to play easier.

   The print design in this set includes a picture of Po and Ping together which is very very cute. I am planning on doing another print for the dragon warrior poster if this project reach 5k :) Please support this project if you like and want it as an official set. Share this project to people who would love this set :) Have a great day!! 

P/s: I love Kung Fu Panda because it is a movie about dream and success. Very much like my dream to become a LEGO Designer one day :)

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