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Wild West Saloon

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed the stories of the Wild West and playing with LEGO bricks. Taking advantage of my storytelling studies and my ability to build with great detail, I present to you a Wild West Saloon. This recognized location would make a great LEGO set because we haven’t had one before*, it would bring back a fun and unique theme, and most importantly, it would add variety to the store shelves.

Sadly, it has been a long time since LEGO released something Western related, therefore I share this idea in other to reborn the Wild West stories. Actually, I created a little vignette with this model and goes like this: “Once upon a time in the Wild Old West, the Sheriff was investigating who stole two golden bars. Everything in the saloon seemed to be in order: ladies chatting on the second floor, cowboys hanging out next to the bar and the piano man playing some music. Looking for clues, the Sheriff suspected that someone was hidden something. Who stole the gold? Was the lady watching from above? Was the cowboy with the big mustache? Or was the piano man who haven’t stop playing since we started this story? The Sheriff took a closer look at the piano and there were the two hidden gold bars”.

Many western stories are waiting to be told. If this project is selected to become an official LEGO set, many people would buy it to reborn the loved Wild West. It would be nice to see something different on the shelves. The Wild West saloon is a fun location packed of adventures and secrets. Thanks in advance for your support and if you want to see more of this project, take a closer look to this YouTube video: 

*Excluding the BrickLink Limited Release Set.