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Wild West Saloon

Welcome to the Wild West Saloon!
This amazing location would make a great LEGO set because it would bring back a fun and unique theme, and most importantly, it would add variety to the store shelves.
Once upon a time in the Wild Old West,
There was a Sheriff investigating who stole the gold from the mines. He started this adventure in the most chaotic place in the town…
Everything in the Saloon seemed to be in order: cowboys were hanging out next to the bar, ladies were chatting on the second floor and the Piano Man was playing some music.
Looking for clues, the Sheriff found a hidden ladder that leads to the roof. There, he discovered the bad guy’s headquarters.
A young man was taking a shower, but of course he wasn’t the master mind behind this heist, so the Sheriff kept looking around until one particular object led him to the next step… a guitar.
The Sheriff showed the music instrument to the only man who knew how to play. Funny enough, the Piano Man hasn’t stopped playing since we started this story... So, the Sheriff took a closer look at the piano.
There it was! Two gold bars were hidden inside the piano!
The Piano Man got arrested alongside his accomplish who takes personal hygiene very seriously.
To be continued…

The Wild West Saloon offers a very nice facade using LEGO Dots for the sign. The model is built in a corner in order to have details all around. Everything is elevated as the architecture of that time use to be.
Outside we can find different access points along with a couple of chairs to sit down and enjoy the day under the shade, of course.
This modular building is designed to be played both outside and inside. It is very easy to remove the roof and the second floor in order to reveal the chaotic interior and have access to all the fun stuff!
On the first floor we can find a magnificent bar with lots of drinks. There are some tables around, the piano is sitting in the corner and the beautiful stairs lead to the balcony.
On the second floor we can find the perfect place to chat privately with your friends or swing in the air using the chandelier.
Finally, on the roof we can find some good stuff too. The hidden ladder mechanism adds playability to the set and it is very fun to play with all the awesome accessories.
Characters: 15 minifigures including the Sheriff, the Piano Man, the Barman and more!
Dimensions: 32x32 baseplate and 24 bricks high.
Pieces: Lots!
Sadly, it has been a long time since LEGO released something Western related, therefore I share this idea in other to reborn the Wild West adventures.
Many western stories are waiting to be told. If this project is selected to become an official LEGO set, many people would purchase it to reborn the loved Wild West. It would be nice to see something different on the shelves. The Wild West Saloon is a fun location packed of adventures and secrets.
Thanks in advance for your support! If you want to see more of this project, take a closer look at this YouTube video:

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