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Futuristic Spaceship


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Because I'm interested in Lego spaceships and in Sci-Fi movies, games and comics, I decided to build that giant spaceship. It's made out of 979 bricks and includes: blue astronaut, red astronaut, pink astronaut, green pilot and space scientist!
Functions of Lego project:
  • Detachable pilot cabine to allow pilot escape the spaceship's disasters!
  • Detachable roof with grapple to let the set user see the big laboratory, where you can find scientist's table, table to look closer at the meteor and microscope to look at the space crystal.
  • Moveable antena.
  • Detachable corridor's walls and roof that let the set user put into some astronauts going to pilot cabine.
  • Moveable big grapple to grab some meteors (or space garbage, whatewer).
  • Detachable escape pods for the rest of crew to escape dangers!
  • Cool decals reminding classic Lego space (don't worry about minifigures - their faces occured an error during rendering).
Why you should support the set.
The ship looks amazing to add it into your Lego Space collection! You can have fun exploring space during play! This spaceship can join other old Lego spaceships for the mission. So what are you waiting for? Charge engines to 10.000 supporters, fasten your seatbelts and activate the hyperjump to the Lego set planet!

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