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Hazardous Materials Research Lab

Dr. Teegle and Dr. Bonge are hazardous materials research specialists who research various hazards that emerge in Brick City. They work tirelessly to develop effective remedies to many common hazards as well as more serious hazards. A new hazardous material has been discovered and they must study it before it affects the entire city!

Their research lab is complete with a pressurized airlock, microscope, refrigerator for storing samples, syringes for extracting samples, air supply system and a computer/camera to log research notes.

With so many hazardous materials in the world these days, I feel the dedication of the many professionals, who spend so much of their time researching and developing remedies, is often under appreciated. By coming up with this idea for a Lego set, my hope is that it will draw a little more attention to their work.

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