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Donut Enforcement

Every year since the minifigure was produced City/Town has been a constant theme. One of the staples of this theme is the police force. Lego has refreshed this theme recently with Space Police, Forest Police, and Undercover Lego city with Chase McCain. With this project I aim to do the same with one set. Two buildings. Four vehicles, Five minifigures. All models use existing molds but may have custom printing. Support this project and help Sargent Sweet tooth and the Donut Enforcement team stop thieves who steal sweets.
Watch an adventure on Youtube...

The sweets that the Donut enforcement is sworn to protect are at the Donut Hut. Daughter Dottie will be happy to sell you a sweet treat or bring them to you in her delivery truck. Gustaf the baker/ inventor is thinking up his next great creation. Play-ability is at an all time high with the hinge feature.

Here is Gustaf's latest creation the Donut Mobile. Sargent Sweet tooth uses it to chase down the dastardly Donut Dunker Mugger on his motorcycle. We all look forward to the day when the Dunker Mugger is put on icing. Watch a video of the adventures on Youtube.

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