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Classic Space Reboot - Vertigo Fighter

This is one of the new projects I am starting up to show a reboot of the classic space series. All these models will be able to hold minifigs with the original air tanks. Models showed will cover all possible price points. Colours can always be changed.

This is a smaller space ship, unique by comparison to most space models in that it is 'vertical', or the minifig can stand in the cockpit. The ship is small enough to fit into the cheaper price brackets and works as a short range strike fighter.

There have been plenty of more detailed themes in the past but it would be great to get back to basics. This is an attempt to get back to the originality and creativity that made Lego great in the first place.

Use of the minifig in the images are for demonstration purposes only at this point. Colours of the minifig could be adapted into the classic space theme. Also, there are studs on the bottom row of the cockpit section, so it fixes the pilot into the cockpit for mobility of play.

Update - This is a new model that I've worked up for the vertigo fighter to make it more like a banshee or orca (in other words side rotors). It can house the accessories beside the cockpit, although not very well at this stage. Anyway, this saves quite a bit on the brick count, although not as much as you'd think due to the rotor housings but still, I think it's a cleaner design if you're adding rotors. Otherwise, the wings still work.

You'll note that the guns are still there, just mounted below. Underside view to give better perspective of the entire ship.

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