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Mountain Monastery

The Idea

As a child I was never much into sports and spent most of my time reading fantasy novels and building Lego, until I discovered martial arts. Whilst reading and martials arts have always stayed major parts of my life ever since, I just recently re-discovered my love for Lego!

My passion for martial arts also fueled a love for Japanese anime and Chinese martial arts movies of all kinds: from early Bruce Lee movies to more recent martial arts movies like Ip Man or Shaolin! Remote mountain monaseries are a reuccuring theme in many classic martial arts movies and the idea of studying ancient kung fu with monks in a hidden monastery, inspired my childhood self!

Even though I am an adult now and practice more "realistic" martial arts my fascination for Chinese or asian architecture in general still prevailed and inspired me to create this Lego Mountain Monastery! The monastery is inspired by real life Chinese architecture, movie depcitions of martial arts monasteries and anime versions of temples and monasteries!

(I do not claim that my build depicts realistic Chinese architecture)

The Build

The monastery is placed on top of a mountain with a spring and a waterfall and surrounded by several cherry blossom trees, which cover the landscape with colourful petals.

The monastery consists of:
- The main temple section
- living quarters
- a small tower with a golden gong
- a wooden stairway and a small bridge crossing the waterfall
- a big court with a fountain
- a large gate
- 4 wooden posts for traditional martial arts training

The build consists of roughly 2150 pieces.

If you like my build, please check out my other creations on my profile page! Thank you!

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