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The Hut in the Forest

The Hut in the Forest 
Welcome to the forest 
My name is Brickmax, and I am the creator of this LEGO set idea.
This is my newest set idea, the Hut in the Forest. This small diorama tells the story of a hiker who’s looking for a bit of silence in an idyllic hut by a small lake in the middle of a forest. 


The set idee is very detailed and made of several sections. It consists of a small wooden hut, that can be opened to reveal the lovely interior, which is decorated with many details such as a small stove. Next to the house is a small lake on which ducks swim and to which a small wooden footbridge leads. To the right of the fir tree is a shelter where you can stack the freshly chopped wood. 
Everything is placed on a detailed ground plate, with a small path up to the hut and beautiful decorated greenery. 

Included in the set idea: 
- The wooden hut 
- Two fir trees
- Detailed ground plate with small lake
- Hiker minifigure 
- Brickbuilt eagle 
- 2 brickbuilt ducks 
- 2621 parts
 I hope you like my set idea and would be very grateful for your support.

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