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E-Suv Unmarked Police Car

Hey you ! I’m proud to present you my brand new electric SUV with it charging station. Thinked to be the vehicle of tomorrow it took me 200 hours of innovation working. This is an unmarked police vehicle for tracking and exploring. Here are the features of the car :
4 removable batteries to be charge at home for people who are living in apartment
4 butterfly doors opening for a better accessibility
Opening hood with removable drone inside for exploring environment
Opening trunk,
4 rotating wheels when turning driver for a better steering angle
One elevator with 4 small wheels for parking assistance and reparations
Rotating police light alarm integrated on the roof
Dimensions of the car: 22 cm × 40 cm for 2kg.
This is a home-made Lego set built with the willingness to propose a very detailed car for people who like modalism. I wanted to maximise my ecofriendly approach to build the car. All pieces come from old Lego set given from my family or Lego bought in second-hand.
Hope you enjoy the car ! Share to me your feedback in comment. See you soon for a new lego creation 😉

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