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Cruiser Turbolaser


The Cruiser Turbolaser is a foot-long elevating laser on a sturdy platform. It can be used as a antagonal part of a background for a set, or can be used to play with other Lego spaceships. It has great detail in between the side armor plating, a sci-fi detail. There are windows and control rooms all over the turbolaser, telling its gargantuan size. It even has a swiveling radar tower on the connecting part. The model is hollow and is easy to carry. The model can also be used for display.

The Cruiser Turbolaser is supposed to go on a large spaceship or on the ground. Is can be elevated and depressed using four pins connected to Technic bricks. The entire model is a great example of side construction, all fitting together well. There are elements of science fiction in the set, like smooth edges leading into lines and grooves, windows on the connector and large fin-like areas.

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