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Pocket Traps: Trapdoor


This is my first single section to come from my Pocket Traps idea, please see my ultimate Pocket Traps build to see each individual section in harmony with the others. The trap door is incredibly simple as you can see/work-out how it's made, I thought I'd start with this section as it radiates trap.

Most of the traps I have made use a single axle for its function, and this model is the same. There is the opportunity to attach this model with the others thanks to the bricks with holes and the pegs that accompany them, in the largest model this allows for total customisation.

The minifigure falls into an lake if the function is used, but this could be changed to a dungeon by swapping the plate with a dark grey plate. 

Hope you liked the model, if so support the model, please look up the Pocket traps mansion as well if you supported this idea.

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