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Clue - The Mystery Game (Aka Cluedo)


Moving two rooms around

Coming soon - I'm going to move the Conservatory to its correct place on the board. When I initially built this, I visually liked seeing the Conservatory in the front of the house, knowing this was the wrong spot. But in order to have a correct layout, I'll being making that switch over the next week or so. I'll post updated photos once done.

Thanks to everyone who have supported this submission!


Moving Rooms around

Hi Everyone!  It’s been a while since I did an update so I wanted to make some big changes.  When I first built the game board I did so from memory knowing I was probably off from the actual game board.

So…I made the following changes:
  1. I switched the Study to the back right (where I originally had the Library)
  2. I created a Lounge in the lower left (where I originally had the Study)
  3. I switched the Dining Room and the Billiards Room so the Fining Room is now on the left center and the Billiards Room is on the right center.
  4. I took the Billiards Room, cut it in half, and added the Library.

I do have another change that needs to be made in the future.  I need to take the Conservatory in the front right and switch it with the Study in the right back.  I’ll save that for another update.

Thanks for all of your support so far!


Suggestions for new weapons to add

Thanks for all of your help in crossing 2,000! So what should we do to celebrate? Let’s add more weapons. My initial idea was to incorporate only the original weapons of the game. But since this is LEGO, there should be at least one iconic LEGO Minifigure accessory included as a weapon. Here’s a photo of 6 of them.

let me know in the comments which warm soon should be added! Of course,, you can feel free to suggest one that isn’t pictured.


What updates do YOU want to see?

As we approach 1500 supporters, I wanted to see what kinds of updates/changes/improvements would YOU want to see? Post ideas and suggestions in the comments!

I already know I want to:
1) Flip the billiard room and dining room.
2) slightly change the floor plan so that each tile is 2x2 and take out the 1x2’s to improve “playability”.
3) add new weapons that are LEGO themed - brick separator, walkie-talkie, etc.


Secret Passages

We’ve crossed 1,000!  This is exciting!  Thanks everyone for your support!

For this milestone, I’ve added in the arrows for the secret passages.  More updates and changes as we hit other milestones on our journey to 10k!

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