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The Gryphon Knights Bridge

:: Background ::
The Peacock River separates the Golden Stallions Kingdom lands from the Gryphon Realm, and this bridge is the only way to get across from one side to another on foot. The Gryphon Knights built this fortified bridge to protect their border against the rising force of the Golden Stallions who have intentions to conquer the lands beyond Peacock River.

:: Characteristics ::
This set combines the elements we all know and love about vintage castles, pieces and building style, with some modern touches here and there, while featuring a couple of original factions. The land parts are a hint for the imagination to complete the surroundings of the bridge, while the structure itself is designed to look good as a display while maintaining the playability aspect intact with the dual drawbridges and the portcullis. It also includes Stallion knight (the enemy) and a peasant which makes this set a nice scenery for endless storyline possibilities.

:: Details::
It includes a total of 863 parts, with six minifigures:
  • Four Gryphon Knights (purple, blue, white):
       - Longbowman
       - Pole-axe guard
       - Crossbowman
       - Mounted Knight
  • One Golden Stallion soldier with a raft
  • One neutral peasant with a bag

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