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Homer Simpson's Car


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All families around the globe have a car or have had a car with many stories to tell, a car that brings good memories such as trips or even simple memories of our daily lives such as going to the supermarket, taking the children to school, etc.
Yes! That old pink car with a bump on the front, which appears in iconic and classic scenes from the Simpson's series where the whole family uses the famous pink car to take trips that always go wrong, to go to the Krusty Burger, or simply for Homer to go to the mill for work, or maybe go to the Donuts shop.
I created this project because I love The Simpsons and have been passionate about cars since I was a kid, so in this project, I brought those big passions together in one project.
If you are also a Simpsons fan or if you simply like Homer's old pink car, then support our project, support is free. “Just press support”
We need 10,000 votes for this project to become eligible, so your vote is very important.
Thank you all for your time!

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