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Smokey Bear Teaching Fire Safety


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Smokey Bear is one of the most recognized symbols ever.  He was so popular that he was given his own zip code 20252.  In 2019 the US Forest Service will be celebrating Smokey’s 75th year as the face of fire prevention.  Preventing forest fires and teaching children about preserving our forests is key to future generations being able to camp, hike and picnic in our forests. 

There are 155 national forests, 20 national grasslands and countless number of state forest services that use Smokey Bear for fire prevention.  It is estimated 245 million people visit the national forests each year.  They do have pamphlets they hand out, but you give a child a “LEGO Smokey Bear” or the ability to buy a Smokey Bear set and that child will be reminded of fire safety for the rest of their lives.   Which they in turn will share with friends they play with.

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