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Rock 'N Roll Cafe


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Welcome to the Rock 'N Roll Café.  Here we enjoy the greatness of music and other great hobbies of our lives.  Enjoy old classic guitars, race cars, dinning and an amazing rooftop patio.  Our main floor has gifts for sale, ATM, and a video game.  Please check out with the cashier if purchasing any items.  The patio offers a full bar, wheels and rims used for seats, and partial mesh roof for lighting.  Our 2nd floor is for the finer dining, again using wheels for seats and technical pieces for the tables..  The main floor has a custom made spiral staircase to the second floor, famous race car driver numbers, and old classic guitars mounted throughout the building.  The main doors swing out for the opening of the day and close at the end of our enjoyment.  Technic beams used as finishing tiles to allow removal of each independent floor. Three different styles of canopies are also used.  Follows design layout for modular buildings and goes great with all.

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