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Heroes of Olympus: Book 4, Chapters 44-47, Ogygia


Greetings, fellow Lego fans, Spartenhigh here with yet another exiting Heroes of Olympus set! Once again for all you who aren't (yet) fans of the Heroes of Olympus book series, for more information about it, please see my project, ''The Argo 2. This time, I decided to build a set of my favorite chapters in the book ''House of Hades''. So this scene portrays Leo sometime after he meets Calypso. The set includes Leo's work hut, a sand dune (which i put quite a bit of detail into), a boat with oars, Leo Valdez with his Arcademies  sphere, and Calypso. Thank you for supporting, and keep building this world, brick by brick. Adios Amigos!

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