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Sanpei Mihira and Gyoshin Ayukawa

Sanpei Mihira is a boy of about thirteen years old who has a great passion for fishing. He travels the length and breadth of Japan in search of new challenges. In each episode he tries to learn as many techniques and secrets as possible to become a perfect fisherman, thanks to the help of his paternal grandfather Ippei Mihira, with whom he lives, and his mysterious master Gyoshin Ayukawa: what interests Sanpei most is not so much success in fishing, but inner discipline to be able to improve himself. Every time Sanpei wants to teach how to lose and how to accept the superiority of opponents. In addition, the series conveys some values such as respect for the environment especially against the savage destruction of industrialists and builders, love for nature, the possibility of redemption for those who have made mistakes and the social or family origin of the wickedness of some people.

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