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Crossy Road Chickens


Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Given the blocky, Minecraft-like graphics of the game, the Crossy Road characters were perfect models to build with LEGO bricks.  I originally built the chickens just for fun, but I have now decided to share them with the LEGO Ideas community.

The chickens were made mainly for display purposes but the flapping wings do provide a bit of playabilty for younger builders.

I think that the Creator 3-in-1 style of set would work pretty well, but of course then it wouldn’t be possible to display all three chickens at once.  The price would increase if all three were included, so I hope that supporters can give some feedback about the idea, but of course, it is LEGO’s choice in the end.

The piece count with all three chickens is 584 (184 for the normal Chicken, 193 for the Festive, and 207 for the Fortune), and 258 if the 3-in-1 idea is used.

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