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Catena of Containers by Vincent Ganivet (Le Havre - Normandy - France)

In my town (Le Havre, Normandy, France) there is a monument that looks a lot like a stack of LEGO. This is normal because this monument is made with containers which are already very similar to LEGO. Logically, therefore, I wanted to reproduce this architectural work in LEGO because it seemed interesting and fun to do and then it could showcase my city on the LEGO Ideas platform. The original work weighs a total of nearly 288 tonnes, and its highest point reaches 28.5 meters. The LEGO reproduction is 38.22 cm (1/75 scale)

This work by Vincent Ganivet demonstrates to us a mathematical process, used in particular in the field of architecture and revealed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi: the "chain technique" or "catenary arch". I think that it could make a very good set LEGO because it is first of all pretty and colorful but it is also a rather playful montage because the original work goes very well with a version in LEGO.

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